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About Us

My name is Kimmy Pasternack, and I am the 17-year-old owner and founder of Sloane Designs, based out of Scottsdale, AZ.

We are designing exquisite evening wear for the modern woman and want all eyes on you. We create custom, embellished, unique gowns - they're handmade and can take anywhere from 100-250 hours to complete. I typically do every step of production myself - from fashion illustrations, to flats, specs, tech packs, patterns, and the sewing.
I started designing at eight years old, and founded Sloane Designs at the age of ten. So much hard work and effort has gone into the entirety of the brand, but especially leading up to the culmination to my Spring/Summer '24 collection.

With this being said, I'm so proud to present my Spring/Summer '24 line to you.

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